Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tops Reasons for the Cavities

Many people wonder what causes cavities. The reason they ask this question is that they want to avoid this condition because it leads to the tooth loss and even worse when it gets severe. Cavity is an advanced condition of tooth decay which is a process that involves many steps. The process starts with the bacterial attack on hard surface on the tooth called enamel. When enamel is compromised, the inner layers are exposed against bacterial attack. These inner layers merely put any resistance while fighting against bacteria.

However, the great news is that cavities are largely preventable. You just need to follow a few simple steps which are not very difficult.

Cavity formation

In the first phase, the plaque is formed on the teeth. There are some types of bacteria that thrive when you consume sugar. The remnants of sugars left in the mouth are then consumed by these bacteria. Then these bacteria produce acids which have the capability to dissolve enamel by demineralizing it. Plaque is formed when these acids combine with other types of bacteria and food particles which you do not get rid of.

After the plaque is formed, acid starts wearing away the tooth enamel. as a result of this attack, tiny openings appear in the tooth enamel. These openings allow acids and bacteria to interact with the layer underneath the tooth enamel. This inner layer is known as dentin which is softer as compared to tooth enamel.

These acids and bacteria do not stop there. They keep marching until the innermost layer, the tooth pulp, is affected. When tooth pulp is affected, you may start having increased sensitivity in your teeth and throbbing toothache which can be intermittent as well as permanent. This is the point where simple tooth decay transforms into cavity; and it can be quite painful as well as highly dangerous not only for the oral but overall health.

How to prevent cavities?
Prevention is always better than cure. The reason is that the treatment of any infection or disease may not only be expensive and complicated but it can also be quite painful. Prevention on the other hand doesn’t require you to spend much. In case of cavity prevention, you have to make sure that you are paying good attention to your oral hygiene. You need to be consistent in brushing and flossing your teeth twice in every day. You will also have to make sure that you are getting good diet. Teeth friendly foods prevent the attack of bacteria.

Apart from preventive measures you follow at home, you have to make sure that you are visiting your dentist twice in every year. These dental visits would help you ensure timely prevention and treatment of any dental issue before it starts making mess of your oral health.

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